AUCTION: High White Purple Axanthic Axolotl

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We're auctioning up a gorgeous fluffy gilled high white purple axanthic on our website! He/she is 5 inches, and a little too small to be sexed so gender is yet to be determined. Normal axanthics don't have the white spots on the sides of the body so this is a really pretty and unique baby! More pictures are included in the official auction post on our Facebook page Ivy's Axolotls!

Link to more pics/our Facebook post:

Please note that in order to see new incoming bids, you'll have to ---> MANUALLY REFRESH <--- the page! It doesn't update automatically so refresh often to see new updated bids!


- Auction will start at $40, and go up by $1 increments. All bids must be posted with valid emails (where prompted) in the comment section. The newest bids will be shown at the top and the older at the bottom. There's a reserve for this baby! If it's not met, the baby will not be sold.

- All bids are biding, so please only bid if you're serious and committed. Winner has 24hrs to respond and pay the invoice. Please email or message us on our Facebook page for details about payment options. Failure to pay within 24 hrs will result in blacklisting.

- The auction will END on Thursday, June 20th at 8pm PST. Shipping is $18 for Priority or $55 for Express on top of the bid amount. 

- 5 minute rule applied! If there's a bid within the last 5 minutes of the end of the auction, the auction will be extended by 5 more minutes until there's no more bids for 5 whole minutes. This is to guard against snipers. We will also be commenting on the auction for reminders. 

If there's any questions, feel free to message us ❤️ Happy bidding!

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  • Is this auction already ended

    Mec4 cook on
  • uOnpVKMgkX

    fRPUKLWzlt on
  • We have a winner! Congratulations Franklin! 🙂 We will send you an email with info on how to collect your new baby 🎉

    Ivy's Axolotls on
  • 1 minute to go!

    Ivy's Axolotls on
  • 5 Minute rule applied. Auction end time: 8:05pm

    Ivy's Axolotls on

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