Basic Axolotl Starter Equipment List

We have put together a list of the equipment you will need to make a healthy and welcoming home for your new Axolotls! 

Aquaclear 20 Gallon Tank Filter:  

 General rule is that you need at least a 20 gallon tank and filter for 1 adult axolotl. Add 10 more gallons for each additional adult axolotl! :) 

API Master Test Kit:


Seachem 500ml:


Aquarium Fans: 


Temperature Thermometer: 


Carib Sea Moonlight Sand: 

 Sand is only recommended for Axolotls that are 4 inches or bigger! :)

Aquarium Light: 


More information about Axolotl ownership can be found below! 😊

Live Axolotl Care Guide:

Fresh Water Tank Cycling Guide:

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