Confirmed Adult Male Freckled Lucy/Leucistic #1 (SPECIAL READ DISCLAIMER)

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 This is a 9.5 inch Confirmed Male Lucy/Leucistic with long fluffy gills and adorable derpy face! We would like him to go to a great home! He’s very energetic and interactive 😆

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: He should only be kept as Pet Only and not to be bred as he has an extra hand grown from his front right limb. It does not inhibit him from being a healthy and active axolotl at all, and his quality of life is not affected by the extra limb. No underlying health conditions are known, he has been with us for a year and a half. We wish to find him a good loving home, so please take into consideration this special trait before purchasing. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: Due to safety and well being of your new pet we ONLY ship out live Axolotls Monday-Wednesday (Excluding Postal Holidays). This is to ensure that your shipments do not get delayed over the weekend. Please allow up to 2 days for Axolotls to be fasted before shipment.