SUPER Highlight GFP Lucy (ODDBALL)

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One fluffy gilled 3.5-inch SUPER Highlight GFP Lucy/Leucistic axolotl.

ODDBALL DISCLAIMER: This cute Gfp lucy has an odd right hand. The arm raises in the opposite direction when trying to swim. No other health issues are visible or observable. It swims using the rest of its limbs just fine, just a bit odd but this baby needs a loving home like the rest! 😍

Gfp Disclaimer: This baby inherited the Gfp gene, which allows it to glow under black light or blue light. Please use blue light for brief periods of time only to see it glow! 

DISCLAIMER: Due to safety and well being of your new pet we ONLY ship out live Axolotls Monday-Tuesday. (Excluding postal holidays) This is to ensure that your shipments do not get delayed over the weekend. Please allow up to 2 days for Axolotls to be fasted before shipment.

DISCLAIMER #2: Picture shown is for display purposes only. Actual picture of axolotl sent out not shown.

DISCLAIMER #3: Axolotls can lighten up in color due to the shipping process temporarily but will return to normal color soon after arrival. To speed up the process, put axolotl on dark substrate.

 DISCLAIMER #4: Axolotls will glow under black light but keep exposure limited to a couple of seconds, for longer glow use blue light instead!