Ivy's Choice Highlight GFP Lucy with Fluffy Gills! (2.5-3.5 inches) LIMITED STOCK!

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One fluffy gilled Highlight GFP Lucy/Leucistic axolotl individually hand-picked by our staff just for you 😊  

DISCLAIMER: Waitlist babies are growing up and will be shipped out to you December 2021 on a first reserved, first serve basis! Gives you plenty of time to get your tank cycled for your new baby 🙂

DISCLAIMER #2: Picture shown is for display purposes only. Actual picture of axolotl sent out not shown.

DISCLAIMER #3: Axolotls can lighten up in color due to the shipping process temporarily but will return to normal color soon after arrival. To speed up the process, put axolotl on dark substrate.

 DISCLAIMER #4: Axolotls will glow under black light but keep exposure limited to a couple of seconds!